Rod Williams

Rod Williams is a former addict and criminal. Originally from South Wales, Rod moved to Guernsey, Channel Islands when he was 10 years old. Brought up by Christian parents, his dad a policeman, Rod decided at 17 to take a completely different path than what he had known.

Experimenting with cannabis was the gateway drug that took Rod into a dark world of drugs, crime, gambling and prison. Dealing drugs in clubs at 18 to smuggling drugs by his early 20’s, Rod was relentless in his pursuit to make money no matter what the cost. After becoming addicted to heroin at 23 Rod lost complete control and very quickly lost everything including his freedom. In June 2002 Rod was sentenced to 4 years for importing crack cocaine and heroin into the island of Guernsey.

During his sentence Rod had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ that began a radical transformation in his life. Since being released from prison in 2004 and after spending 16 months as a student at the Lighthouse Foundation in Widnes, Rod’s passion has been to reach out to others with a message of hope and healing.

Rod was employed by the Foundry Church, Widnes, for 9 years where he worked with addicts, families in debt and was a chaplain to the elderly.

rodandkateRecently Rod and his wife Kate moved to Bradford, West Yorkshire where they both work for award winning charity Christians against Poverty. Rod travels the UK speaking at outreach events for CAP and also helps with the training and equipping of emerging evangelists. Rod and Kate are members of the Light Church, Bradford.

In January 2013 Rod graduated from Reinhard Bonnke’s school of evangelism. Rod is also a member of Barry Woodward’s evangelist network and is also a trustee for ‘Proclaim Trust’. He is author of ‘The Real Deal’ which has sold more than 15,000 copies in it’s first year of publication.


Rod is a passionate evangelist who has committed his life to reach the last, lost and least and to see multitudes impacted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.